Agent Jacks Bar - Ghatkopar

Customers use an app to negotiate for their drinks at their own choice of prices with Agent Jack, the virtual bartender. Jack may agree or disagree with the customers and each offer that is rejected by Agent Jack is followed by a witty yet humorous reply that challenges customers to try again. The interaction between Jack and the customer is publicly displayed on a large projector screen, bringing a mix of humour & interactivity in addition to great deals for the customers.



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Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the address of Agent Jacks Bar - Ghatkopar ?

Agent Jacks Bar - Ghatkopar is Located near LBS Marg, Amrut Nagar, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400086, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400086, India

2. How to contact Agent Jacks Bar - Ghatkopar ?

You can contact using the phone number or by visiting their website

3. What are the various mode of payment accepted here?

You can make payment Via Cash or Credit/Debit Card etc.

4. What is Agent Jacks Bar - Ghatkopar known for?

Agent Jacks Bar - Ghatkopar is renowned as one of the top Top Pubs in Mumbai