Film Production Companies in Mumbai

  • Yash Raj Films

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  • Blue Magic Films

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  • Cinestaan Film Company Pvt Ltd

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  • Frames Production Company

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  • Ram Gopal Verma Film Production House

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  • Novela Films

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  • Mahak Films Production

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  • The Film Company

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  • Hameer Ram Films Production House

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Film Production Companies in Mumbai

A film production company works on the process of producing video content for television, social media, corporate promotions, commercial or other media-related fields. Video production usually is involved in multiple aspects all related to video making such as scripting, location scouting, and logistics. A video production company produces all kinds of videos, whereas a movie production company produces videos for theatrical, streaming, or television broadcast distribution. Film production houses in mumbai do a great number of things, mostly centered on the pre-production process. They can help develop content, produce content, even help with post-production, or hiring directors and crew.

Developing Contents

A media production company in mumbai will focus on producing content. This could vary depending on the company, but there is an increased interest in making shareable content for social media. Developing content can mean many things. In a general sense, it means formulating ideas around a concept and putting together a team to produce the content. Typically the content creation process will start with a producer, of which there are many different kinds.

Script Writing

most of film production house in mumbai focus on scripting and script writing. The company will probably have a team of writers, and if not, independent writers will pitch scripts to production companies. These writers in mumbai are sometimes represented by agents those who represent talent like actors, directors, producers, and writers.

Hiring Crew

Production houses in mumbai can also take care of constructing the film crew list. They put together the whole project, so they can do the hiring of the crew. A filmmaker within the video production industry in mumbai typically does the jobs of the director. They are responsible for selecting locations, actors, performance style, soundtrack, and all in all, most aspects of the film production. A filmmaker in mumbai must possess creative thinking, problem-solving skills, a knowledge of lighting techniques in film, and resilience. A filmmaker at a video production company usually does not handle the same amount of work that a Hollywood director does. Their jobs can involve many similar responsibilities but on a smaller scale.

Planning Shoot & Logistics

A lot of what goes on at a production house in mumbai consists of planning and logistics. Film Production companies take on a lot of the responsibility of planning a shoot. Production companies need to arrange schedules with crew, companies, and if necessary, local authorities. This helps them with one of their main responsibilities, which is deciding when is an optimal time to start filming. When dealing with actually producing a film, logistics go beyond coordinating a three point lighting setup. Production companies will arrange how to send, carry, and arrange dispatch of filming equipment. A large company’s equipment department will handle the management and dispatching of their gear for shoots. Detailed pre-production will ensure the final video reflects the high production value of the project.


Casting represents another important element of pre-production often handled by the production house. Production Companies have connections to talent agencies in mumbai. Production Companies will work with different casting and modeling agencies as some of their projects might require hiring actors, extras, or models.

Which are the Top Film Production Companies in Mumbai?

1) Yash Raj Films

Yash Raj Films is one of the leading Film Production Companies in Mumbai. From making high-budget blockbusters to genre-defining films, from working with the biggest actors of the industry to launching young talent in films, from being the distribution house with the strongest global foothold to pioneering new formats of distribution and exploring newer territories, from launching compelling story-telling forms to the numerous digitally led innovations, Yash Raj Films (YRF) has maintained its flagship position across all verticals since its genesis. Yash Raj Films was founded by the Late Yash Chopra, a veteran of the Indian film industry, in 1970. It’s the only privately held and fully integrated studio in India producing and having produced over 80 films. YRF is now a 50-year-strong production house and a vertically integrated studio in every sense, controlling almost every part of the value chain from production to post production, domestic & international distribution, music & home entertainment, marketing, design, digital, licensing, merchandising, talent management, brand partnerships, music studios and film studios – all in-house facilities, which make it one of the most coveted entertainment conglomerates in the country. Yash Raj Films has its own state-of-the-art fully integrated studio that houses shooting stages, sound studios and is headquartered at one of Mumbai’s prime properties where the heart of the entertainment business beats.

2) Blue Magic Films

Blue Magic Films is one of the leading Film Production Companies in Mumbai. Blue Magic Films was conceived in 2009 as the result of an itch to create clutter-free programming. Today, we are an Established Dynamic End-to-End Production House that specializes in Creating Original Shows and Properties across categories, with a special inclination towards the Youth, Factual Entertainment, Travel, Adventure and Lifestyle genres. Based out of Mumbai, we make Television Shows, Music Videos, Web Commercials, Brand Films, Web Shows & Documentaries, and love experimenting with newer formats. We conceptualize, create, plan, execute, package, repackage and deliver. In our 7 years of active production, we have consistently created high quality, top rated as well as award winning properties. Our goal is excellence and we use every tool at our disposal to achieve it, streamlining our creative urges with the needs of our clients.

3) Cinestaan Film Company Pvt Ltd

Cinestaan Film Company Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Film Production Companies in Mumbai. Cinestaan Film Company is a boutique film studio committed to championing stories that resonate with global audiences. By building an international brand for films with an India connect, Cinestaan strives to nurture and continue India’s rich cinematic legacy, supporting both national and international cinemas. We are an integrated studio with development, production, marketing, distribution, sales and syndication capabilities to deliver content aimed for the Indian or international marketplace.


MK FILMS is one of the leading Film Production Companies in Mumbai. MK FILMS is an Indian motion picture production and distribution company based in Mumbai as part of the Hindi film industry. The company was founded by Mukesh khanna. Mukesh khanna It has produced several commercially and critically successful films over the years. We harness the power of film and audio to help clients communicate exactly what they want to communicate in a way that’s engaging, memorable and fully in tune with the intended audience. We offer a wide range of below mention production services to all the industries and we have excellent creative processes which enable us to provide best to best satisfactory services to large client base including: WORK in Bollywood film industry MK Films also does the event. Event Management. Modeling Shows. Films Making. Ad film making. Video song making. Actor portfolio making.

5) Frames Production Company

Frames Production Company is one of the leading Film Production Companies in Mumbai. Established in the year 2011 by Hemant Ruprell and Ranjeet Thakur, Frames is a multifaceted production house creating and edifying experiences in the world of media. We host a crew diligent in generating creative content and consistent in surpassing itself with every project. Efficient in our ideation, execution and creative craft, we are aqueous in our methods of expression. Excellence and collective growth has been our driving force and we are always evolving with the media around us. With an exceptional bent of creating dance shows and being successful in creating home-grown reality show formats, we’ve also garnered several accolades for our progressive execution of record holding event, engaging talent, drama, infotainment shows and AFPs; we are a superstation of all media forms. Based on the philosophy “Bigger and better than before”, Frames is known for delivering shows with high ratings and content with recall value.

6) Ram Gopal Verma Film Production House

Ram Gopal Verma Film Production House is one of the leading Film Production Companies in Mumbai. It’s a Ram Gopal Verma Film Production House office in Andheri west, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Models or Actors can go here for Films/Shows Auditions only when they are short listed by the right channel.

7) Novela Films

Novela Films is one of the leading Film Production Companies in Mumbai. Novela Films Pvt Ltd is a full-service creative video content studio, with a focus on marketing and branding for corporate clients across various industries in India & Abroad. Novela Films Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of services right from Ideation, Creative conceptualization, Scripting, Visualization, Story Boarding, Mood Boarding, Production, Line Production and Post-production. Producing high-caliber video content including branded promotional content, digital add films, animation videos, corporate style interviews, Chroma shoots, product videos, Web-series and feature films. With extensive marketing and branding expertise. We’ve been helping brands like FlipKart, DailyHunt, SBI Bank, HDFC Life, Hexaware, Stock Holding Corporation of India,, Better Earth Eco-diamond, Muskurahat Foundation, One Degree, MSSI (Multiple Sclerosis Society of INDIA ), Clear Funds, UpGrad, TrueVison, WRM (White Rivers Media), SilverStage, Prasad Chikitsa, Pavitra Jewellers and many more.

8) Mahak Films Production

Mahak Films Production is one of the leading Film Production Companies in Mumbai. Mahak films is one of the leading and developing in the film making and media industry. Mahak films give you the opportunity to build the media platform and enhance the gateway well. The Mahak films surely give all the possibilities of achieving the top rank and create tons of fans with your achievements in the film industry. Mahak films acts as a school that well equipped various strategies and forever provide the support to enhance your acting in this media world.

9) The Film Company

The Film Company is one of the leading Film Production Companies in Mumbai. The Film Company is a production house based in Mumbai, India that specializes in the production of Advertisements, Corporates, Documentary films, Shorts and Feature films, TV Commercials- be it shooting in India or overseas. We have the means to make it happen. With a combined experience of over 14 years in production, we have a pool of highly creative, trained, and motivated professionals working towards creating unique and out-of-the-box content for their clients. We know that the success of our business is directly related to the success of our clients. We listen carefully and respond quickly to the needs of our clients and constantly expand our services and deliver high-quality services. With exclusive skills like production planning and budgeting, scheduling, and pre-production planning, we provide end-to-end services to our clients. Our crew members are reputed professionals from the ad film, feature film and media fraternities comprising of Assistant Directors, Cameramen, Art Directors, Production Designers, Casting Directors, Makeup and Hair Stylists, Costume Designers & Stylists, Production Supervisors, Managers and Accountants, Location Managers, Light and Grip professionals, from across the country.

10) Hameer Ram Films Production House

Hameer Ram Films Production House is one of the leading Film Production Companies in Mumbai. We Are Hameer Ram Films Mumbai Based Production Company. Indian Camera and Lights Rental with Big Line Production Company. We believe in Commitment, Innovation, and Quality. All camera available with RED and ARRI cameras also Camera Lenses & Sounds & Accessories also DJI products & Lights are Available. Our motto is to provide best service, Quality Equipment and Honesty in what we do. Hameer Ram Films specializes in production services for international film, television, commercial

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