Charitable Trusts in Mumbai

  • Riddhi Siddhi Charitable Trust

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  • Khidmat Foundation and Charitable Trust

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  • Vasant J. Sheth Foundation

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  • Swagat Ashram

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  • Animedh Trust

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  • Srujna

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  • Kartavya Global

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  • Seva charitable trust

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  • Sparsha Trust

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  • Hira Matushri

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  • Salil Charitable Trust Dahisar

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  • Unite Blind Uplift Charitable Trust Kandivali

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Charitable Trusts in Mumbai

Find Lists of Top Best Charitable Trust . Get Business Names, Contact Numbers, Address, Photos & Reviews. Find Charitable Trust, Charity Services, Charitable Company etc. List of Charitable Trust in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Which are the Top Charitable Trusts in Mumbai?

1) Riddhi Siddhi Charitable Trust

Riddhi Siddhi Charitable Trust is one of the leading Charitable Trusts in Mumbai. Riddhi Siddhi Charitable Trust takes initiative for supporting education for rural children, slum survivors, and underprivileged children. The success of a nation predominantly depends on how educated its citizens are. Lack of money and guidance is a major obstacle to education for rural and slum children. Those who are keen to study are unable to reap the rich benefits of quality education. Some Kids are lagging behind due to lack of proper guidance.

2) Khidmat Foundation and Charitable Trust

Khidmat Foundation and Charitable Trust is one of the leading Charitable Trusts in Mumbai. The Khidmat Foundation And Charitable Trust is registered trust and non profit organisation headquartered in Mira Bhayander Mumbai, India. It is set up inorder to tackle the problem of poverty in Mumbai. Khidmat Foundation And Charitable Trust is committed to welfare of people from the most underprivileged strata of society without distinction of caste, creed and colour. Our organisation strives to fight issues like hunger poor and needy person especially those who are homeless, dying with uncurbable diseases, even want to bring a home for destitute and elder peoples and malnutrition in India. Khidmat Foundation And Charitable Trust aims not only to fight hunger but also to bring children to school. In partnership with the Government of India; various State Governments, the inestimable support from many businesses, philanthropic donors and well-wishers, we are serving at our best to childrens across schools., medical camps, fulfilling the needy society. We are newly opened charitable trust need your whole heartly contribution to fullfill our aim on kidmat irrespectively of caste and creed.My humble request to donate generously help us in building a home for destitute and where we can feed the poor and needy person. We also do free medical camps in slums and remote areas were villager don’t get proper medical treatments. Help us to help the poor and needy person donate whatever you i.e money by cheques,cash,clothes,blanketes,books,etc. Humble request to donate Re.1 daily to our foundation by any mode of payment for the betterment of ours needy society.

3) Vasant J. Sheth Foundation

Vasant J. Sheth Foundation is one of the leading Charitable Trusts in Mumbai. The Vasant J. Sheth Memorial Foundation is a registered charitable trust, dedicated to promoting education, welfare, health, conservation and publishing in maritime related areas. Founded in 1993 in memory of the Indian shipping pioneer, Vasant J. Sheth, the Foundation has funded and supported over 80 projects. To achieve its objectives, the Foundation works with human and capital resources from different sections of society. Projects range from scholarships, health initiatives, heritage research, environment conservation and protection and disaster relief programmes.

4) Swagat Ashram

Swagat Ashram is one of the leading Charitable Trusts in Mumbai. Swagat Ashram is a charitable trust. Established in January 2008, by Brother. Stanley Serrao in Mumbai by inspiration of Jesus Christ unconditional love on humanity and his forgiveness, and Mother Teresa’s phenomenal service to poor. Swagat Ashram functioning in: 1. Saving babies from abortion 2. Taking care of orphan children 3. Rehabilitating the addicted children from drugs 4. Educating the poor children and abandoned youths from slums, poor families and red light area 5. Helping abandoned mothers by providing them jobs and sheltering and educating their babies 6. Accommodating destitute/beggars and giving them medical treatments in the ashram 7. Free Ambulance services to destitute and the poorest in the society 8. Serving the old-aged in the ashram 9. Visiting prisoner children in the prison and giving them counseling and moral support 10. Visiting sick in hospitals and praying for them 11. Conducting healing prayer, retreats , seminars, outreach in various parts of India As believe in “What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?” – Matthew 16:26, Swagat Ashram serves all as one under Gods kingdom.

5) Animedh Trust

Animedh Trust is one of the leading Charitable Trusts in Mumbai. ANIMEDH CHARITABLE TRUST (ACT) is a non-profit organization based in Mumbai, India. The Objectives of ACT are to provide financial support and social services to needy women and children at individual, community, and national levels. There is a huge void in both these areas in a big country like ours with a 1.2 Billion population, almost 30% of which is poor (Population below poverty line in India live on 1.25$ a day – Census report 2011).

6) Srujna

Srujna is one of the leading Charitable Trusts in Mumbai. For the thousands of stifled women in low-income communities across the country, Srujna is the key to unlocking their power! Srujna touches their lives, by transforming the many groups that work with grassroots women – helping create powerful, enterprising women that produce and sell hand-made products. Together, they provide livelihood opportunities to these low-income women – empowering them to become role models and changemakers in their families and communities.

7) Kartavya Global

Kartavya Global is one of the leading Charitable Trusts in Mumbai. ‘Kartavya’, registered as a Charitable Trust in India, aims to contribute to society by moulding our country’s future generations into men and women enriched with honesty and sound knowledge, saturated with love and faith along with immense strength of conviction and belief.The trust is dedicated towards the complete development of underprivileged children who have enormous potential but are deprived of opportunities and facilities. We realized that, to change the face of the country, a wise, courageous and responsible person is essential. Unless we create a large group of such people who could take over various responsibilities in the country and prove their true worth, India cannot realize its potential as a nation. Through ‘Kartavya’, we shall try to form that group which can become the country’s strength. If we succeed, then the children of tomorrow will get a better future and can live meaningful and contented lives.

8) Seva charitable trust

Seva charitable trust is one of the leading Charitable Trusts in Mumbai. SEVA was founded in 2015 with the main aim to preserve the forest and its resources, to save the wildlife and to provide sustainable livelihoods opportunity to the tribal people . Seva Charitable Trust works towards conservation and preservation of mother earth, inside Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai. Our aim is to provide alternative livelihood opportunities to the communities living inside SGNP & teach them skills for earning a living. We are working towards educating and empowering the communities living in SGNP and imparting knowledge of handicrafts, stitching, cooking, plants and trees thereby making them confident and self-reliant. By doing so, we raise their standard of living as well as allow their integration into modern society, where they have more opportunities to showcase their talents. Seva has impacted the lives of thousands of people through our initiatives, and we are always working on new ways to further our cause. If you have any queries pertaining to our work, please drop us a message on LinkedIn and we’ll get back to you at the earliest. Donations are always appreciated and are put into use in our endeavours to make the world a better place, one step at a time.

9) Sparsha Trust

Sparsha Trust is one of the leading Charitable Trusts in Mumbai. Sparsha Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization based in Sion, Mumbai, and aims to touch the nearby underprivileged communities providing access to basic human needs and help them to achieve better and sustainable living circumstances. Sparsha´s approach is to work together with parents and children of different poor communities in the area of Sion in order to achieve their goals together. Sparsha understands the need to support the parents as well as the children through their programmes. The parents are the role models and in charge of the early childhood of their children. It is important to reach out to the parents to ensure the children´s education and continuous attendance at school.

10) Hira Matushri

Hira Matushri is one of the leading Charitable Trusts in Mumbai. Hira Matushri Charitable is a wonderful platform encouraging women empowerment. We strongly believe that Indian women from the urban areas to the rural areas do have potential and capabilities to really perform their best in all areas and roles of their lives. We just need to encourage them, enlighten them, awaken them and empower them by skilling health & hygiene, business, marketing, management and their personalities is the basic principle we follow and cater to.

11) Salil Charitable Trust Dahisar

Salil Charitable Trust Dahisar is one of the leading Charitable Trusts in Mumbai. Salil Charitable Trust Charity is near Shop No.8, Anisha Apartment, Rajaram Tawde Rd, Mhatre Wadi, Dahisar West, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

12) Unite Blind Uplift Charitable Trust Kandivali

Unite Blind Uplift Charitable Trust Kandivali is one of the leading Charitable Trusts in Mumbai. Unite Blind Uplift Charity Near Plot No. 380, D-45, Sector -3, Charkop, Kandivali (W), Mumbai, Maharashtra is a non-profit organization.

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