Audiologists in Mumbai

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  • Quality Hearing Care

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  • New Horizons Audiology & Hearing Aid Centre ( NHA)

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Audiologists in Mumbai

Find Lists of Top Best Audiologist . Get Business Names, Contact Numbers, Address, Photos & Reviews. Find Audiologist Companies, Audiologist Services etc. List of Audiologist in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Which are the Top Audiologists in Mumbai?

1) therapistoncall

therapistoncall is one of the leading Audiologists in Mumbai. Audiologist is a professional to identify and treat the impairments, dysfunction of auditory, balance (vestibular) and other related systems. Their unique education and training provides offer to various habilitative-rehabilitative options for individual with hearing impairment to deal with newborn children to geriatric (old aged) people.

2) Quality Hearing Care

Quality Hearing Care is one of the leading Audiologists in Mumbai. “Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people.” This moving quote by Helen Keller aptly describes what people experiencing a loss of hearing go through. Thankfully, this condition needn’t go unheard. Quality Hearing Care was established with the best audiologist in Mumbai with one strong motive – to ensure that the loss of hearing doesn’t cost a patient his / her connection with their family, friends, and society. Using that as our driving force, our audiologists h


AMPLIFON is one of the leading Audiologists in Mumbai. Hearing loss is a common problem. More than 60% of people over the age of 60 suffer from some grade of hearing loss. In India, the statistics suggest 1/12th of the whole population. While not many realize they have a problem, using a hearing instrument at an early stage can help resolve many issues. Amplifon has always looked towards providing excellent client care in hearing loss diagnosis and treatment. Amplifon is the largest hearing care service provider in the world. Spread across 22 cou

4) New Horizons Audiology & Hearing Aid Centre ( NHA)

New Horizons Audiology & Hearing Aid Centre ( NHA) is one of the leading Audiologists in Mumbai. New Horizons Audiology & Hearing Aid Centre ( NHA) Centre was established by Dr Waheeda Pagarkar and Dr Samir H Dalwai in September 2014 at Goregaon ( West). The main goal of this centre is to enable hearing of the hearing impaired child/adult using recent advanced technology and with skilled professionals, helping them for the better quality of life with better speech and communication. At New Horizons Audiology and Hearing Aid Centre(NHA), we conduct a range of diagnostic tests for adults

5) Sonic Hearing Aid

Sonic Hearing Aid is one of the leading Audiologists in Mumbai. Sonic Hearing Aid is not just an Aid Clinic but a Clear and Comfortable listening experience. The ability to hear is such a fundamental part of our lives that most people are taking it for granted. Hearing is a gift, but do we appreciate it enough? Most people who were able to regain their hearing ability with the help of the right solution describe a dramatic improvement in their quality of life. We provide the Most Trusted Digital Hearing Aids & an optimal solution to suit every individual – r


ATHARVA SPPECH & HEARING CARE PVT.LTD. is one of the leading Audiologists in Mumbai. ASH Clinic was established by Ashwini and Vikas Raut in 1998 in Mumbai. Ashwini, a registered Audiologist, is a graduate in Audiology & Speech and Language Voice Pathology from Topiwala National Medical College (Nair Hospital), Mumbai. With close to two decades of rich experience in this field, she is an expert in Audiology and Speech Therapy. She specializes in diagnosing and assessing children and adults of all age groups for any underlying neurological disorders that might affect their hea

7) Sound Well speech and Hearing Clinic

Sound Well speech and Hearing Clinic is one of the leading Audiologists in Mumbai. SoundWell speech and Hearing Clinic was co-founded by a group of Audiologist and Speech Language pathologist. SOUND WELL Speech and Hearing Clinic is an exclusive clinic catering to your communication needs. At Sound Well Speech and Hearing Clinic we identify, evaluate and provide treatment for children and adults with speech , language and hearing disorders.We are dealers of HEARING AIDS of top brands. Our Clinic is fully equipped for diagnosis and (Re)Habillitation of hearing loss and va

8) Calipsonic

Calipsonic is one of the leading Audiologists in Mumbai. Calipsonic is a clinic based in Mumbai meant for restoring hearing to a maximum extent. We are one of the leading and most suitable Hearing and Speech Therapy Clinic in Mumbai. Gone are the days when people suffer from hearing impairment.


DOLPHIN HEARING CARE CENTRE is one of the leading Audiologists in Mumbai. Love at first sound With Marvel we’ve pushed the boundaries of hearing technology to create a solution that delivers excellent sound quality, is easy to use and provides a true sense of well-being. thereafter, Marvel delivers a love at first sound listening experience. Featuring the latest technology in one marvelous hearing aid, it connects directly to smartphones, TVs and a variety of everyday electronics. Clear, rich sound Connects to smartphones, TV and more Rechargeable Smart apps

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1. How to contact Mumbai Audiologists?

You can contact Audiologists using the given phone numbers, address or visiting the official website.

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In order to shortlist and hire the perfect Audiologists, you should look for their experience, popularity, and ratings.

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