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  • Riddhi Shah

    Swarex Shipping & Aviation Pvt. ltd.
    Is one of the best services provider, there staff is very polite and geniune.
    I have exported my product very nicely and time to time.

  • Sachin

    Excellent services in customs clearance and freight.

  • Zaara khan

    my gold jewellery stucked in customs but Swarex shippng make my shipment clear in just 3 days . i’m so glad to have my shipment cleared through this company.

  • Darshan

    Good Service & Excellent staff

  • Mark

    I have sent 3 apple laptops to India from USA, and it was held by Indian Custom. Then I got a reference of SWAREX from my colleague and I contacted them.
    They took 15 days time but you cleared my shipment. Thanks a lot. It was around 6 lac Indian Rupees.

  • Mark

    I have sent my courier to India from USA, and it was held by Indian custom. It contains 3 apple laptops which costs approx 4.5 lakh Indian Rupees.
    I got some reference of Swarex from my colleague here, I contacted them, and They took 20 days but They have cleared the shipment.

  • Bilal patel

    This is a CHEATER/FRAUD company, I have all kind of voice recordings of SWAREX SHIPPING AND AVIATION PVT. LTD employees, anyone who wanted phone recordings of SWAREX SHIPPING AND AVIATION employes contact me +918698823353 / +919372227866 or at patelbilal59@gmail.com
    If you want to give any assignment to this fraud company, how they change after taking your money, do not support customer at all
    1) first they will ask you to give AGENCY CHARGES
    2) after they will say that government officer demanding bribe, our AGENCY will give bribe to government officer then custom duty will be minimum, shipment will release today itself and you will get ur shipment by post
    3) when customer pay second GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS BRIBE PAYMENT to this agency than they will demand you third payment for their involvement in bribing process with government officials
    4)after that they will not respond to customer call and massages
    5)the most important blunder of this company is that they work in group that means different agencies work under one umbrella but will not share their registered address to customers, to mislead, misguide and cheat customer, SWAREX give your contact number to another custom clearing agency that means CUSTOMER CHEATED BY SWAREX SHIPPING AND AVIATION PVT. LTD but the name of the cheater agency will be different,
    6)all the reviews are FALES
    7)all agency use only one GST number, that GST number is of SWAREX SHIPPING AND AVIATION PVT. LTD means, all CUSTOM SHIPMENT CLEARING AGENCIES working together have only one GST number by the name of SWAREX SHIPPING AND AVIATION PVT. LTD
    8)I am attaching GST number photo
    9)GST number of SWAREX SHIPPING AND AVIATION PVT. LTD. but the name of agency will be different
    10)I am attaching two photos that consist of 1st initial agency charges TAX INVOICE of ADMIRE SHIPPING AGENCY with SWAREX GST number
    11)second photo is of that same GST number registered in the name of SWAREX SHIPPING AND AVIATION PVT. LTD. company.
    12)final conclusion is that GST number is not aadhar AUTHENTICATED
    13)to get the money from customers other custom shipment clearing agencies are utilizing the name of SWAREX SHIPPING AND AVIATION PVT. LTD. and GST NUMBER of that SWAREX to gain the TRUST of customers

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Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the address of Swarex Shipping & Aviation ?

Swarex Shipping & Aviation is Located near Shanti Plaza, Office No 18, Sector 11, Station Road, Mira Road (East), Thane, Mumbai, Mira-Bhayander, Maharashtra, 401107, India

2. How to contact Swarex Shipping & Aviation ?

You can contact using the phone number +91-7399779797 or by visiting their website https://www.shippingaviation.com/

3. What are the various mode of payment accepted here?

You can make payment Via Cash or Credit/Debit Card etc.

4. What is Swarex Shipping & Aviation known for?

Swarex Shipping & Aviation is known for being one of the best Air Freight Companies in Mumbai