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  • Anupama

    Hello everyone please go through reviews before selecting Atlantic courier service because I have done the same mistake. On 7th August package has been picked up from my home Banglore (proper package was done in front of me) and reached Mumbai after 3days from there shipped to USA after 5days finally it reached today with missing food items .

    Now points to be noted:
    1. My package weight is 11kg (clothes and food items) after reaching Mumbai they called me and said mam you have to pay for 15kg as per the box dimensions so I told I don’t pay for extra 4kg please return my package to Bangalore and they told as per our rules we don’t ship it back so I paid for 15kg.
    2. After reaching Mumbai they have opened everything and repacked all food items & they got crashed like powder and some are missing .
    3. Miss Sonali and Narasimha who I have contacted and they have written wrong address and it somewhere (by god grace it was nearby address)

    Sonali and Narasimha are very irresponsible and very attitude persons don’t pick calls and reply for msgs and customer service is worst they don’t give right updates. I think company is not paying salary so they just collect it from customers by getting paid for extra and they don’t have money for eating food also that the reason they open our packages and eat those .. such a beggars Sonali and Narasimha and whole team !! Better Please go and beg on the roads rather then eating it from customers packages.

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